Are you looking for boys swim trunks with comfortable liner? Bermies New Season


Summer is closer than you think, and we know that most of you will like some vacations on the beach, and of course, who doesn’t love a little bit of vitamin SSS (Sun, sand, and sea)?

We know that you want to have an outstanding experience when swimming in the waters of the beach with your family, and for that, you want the perfect outfit for you and for each one of them. 

We recommend you to think not just in the style of the outfit, but in the comfort of the garment, as well! 

Swim trunks are the ideal garment for you and your son, but some of them can bring an uncomfortable liner… a problem that doesn’t let us enjoy at the fullest our splendid summer moments. We mention this because, conveniently, at Bermies, we have a solution for this problem that your son will appreciate… a solution that combines style with comfort. 

So, do you want your son enjoys his summer with a comfortable and stylish garment? Well, then you might love the latest and most recent garment at Bermies: boys swim trunks with comfortable liner.

Since we understand that some swim trunks have very uncomfortable liners, we bring these swim trunks that were designed with the main objective of providing a comfortable feeling when boys wear them. They are also eco-friendly, quick drying and saltwater and chlorine resistant.

Additionally, these swim trunks also come with the characterized and unique style that we always give to our outfits! 

Our swim trunks come in various styles and designs, so, let’s see the most popular ones!

The Navy Stripes 

These swim trunks are very popular because of the elegance that the combination of black and white provides! They also provide a serious touch that some boys like. Yes, they will have fun at the beach or the pool, but they will look fancy, as well!


Pink Stripes

Pink Stripes swim trunks provide a more relaxed and tropical look, which is ideal for those sunny days on the beach! 


Watermelon 3.0

These swim trunks provide a serious but charismatic design! And this is due to the combination of the black color and the pink watermelons that the swim trunks have.



Boys love these swim trunks because of the crocodiles that they have printed, which are placed in various parts of the light red swim trunks.


Flamingo 2.0

These swim trunks are part of the classical designs that we offer at Bermies! Blue color swim trunks with flamingoes are a nice combination that contains a huge summer essence.


Great White

With a cyan color and some sharks printed on it, these swim trunks will make your son become one with the water.


Pink Avocado

These swim trunks provide a very easy going style! Your boy will make some summer friends very quickly with these swim trunks.


Cactus 2.0

These swim trunks come in a pink color and are decorated with some cacti… the main difference is that they don’t feel like cacti, since they are incredibly more comfortable than them.


Pineapple Vibes

Who doesn’t love pineapples? Exactly, nobody! With these swim trunks that come in green with some pineapples printed on it, your boy will be known as a very popular and charismatic kid! 

Of course, we have other styles for swim trunks with comfortable liners that boys can wear, so, if you want your boy to wear a comfortable outfit, give yourself the opportunity of purchasing some boys swim trunks with comfortable liners that we have for this new season at Bermies. We can assure that your boy will love wearing a pair of these swim trunks!