The best avocado toast recipe.

Avocado Toast Recipe & Bikini

It’s impossible to not put a big smile of satisfaction when we taste the amazing flavor of a crusty and delicious avocado toast. This breakfast/snack has obtained a lot of popularity and fame in the last few years, and as new people try it, the more lovers this toast gets. 

Avocado toasts are not just delicious, but healthy and easy to make, as well. You can prepare it and within 5 minutes you’ll be enjoying it. 

In this post we’ll give you a good recipe you can try, and it’s so simple that you can learn it by memory after a couple of times! 

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Recipe for the best avocado toast

  1. The first thing you need to do is to pick great avocados. And how do we know they are great avocados? Well, that’s simple. We need ripe but not over-ripe Has avocados. The ideal avocados are the ones that yield a bit to a gentle squeeze. Avoid using avocados that look mushy or that are stringy on the inside. If you find an avocado that has any bruised or brown bits when you’re cutting them, then take away from the rest before mashing them. You don’t want to ruin your mixture!
  2. Then, you need to buy some good and fresh bread, you can use any kind of bread that you can find at your home; it can be either toast or sliced bread (some people prefer to use crusty bread or whole grain toast, to give it a special touch). Other people prefer sturdy, thick-sliced, whole grain bread, since it makes the best avocado toast. Golden, well-toasted bread offers a sturdy base and a crisp, shattering contrast against the creamy avocado
  3. For the next step, you need the green coverage! Mash the avocados you picked from the first step in a small bowl with a fork (using a potato masher or pastry cutter instead is helpful, as well). It’s important to not mash it on the toast, since you can risk poking holes in your toast or smashing it.
  4. After that, add cilantro and lime to the mashed avocados. And then, mix the ingredients! 
  5. When you finish mixing all the ingredients, spread the mixture on the toasted slice of bread. 
  6. Don’t forget to sprinkle the mixture with a pinch of salt and pepper flakes!
  7. Now, you’re ready to go, serve them and enjoy your avocado toasts!

If you’re having it for breakfast, you can also add one or two eggs cooked any way you like. Drink a cup of coffee or some of your favorite juice and you’re ready to begin your day in a great mood!

Some extra Bonus Tips for an Avocado Toast 

Here are a few easy ways to take your avocado toast up a notch. Pick the one you like the most, or all of them!

  • Add garlic: everything’s better with a lightly rub of peeled raw garlic clove! Put it over the top of your toast before adding the avocado mixture, or you can just mix a tiny pinch of garlic powder into the avocado, it also works!
  • Add fresh leafy herbs or your favorite herbed sauce: chopped fresh basil, cilantro, dill or parsley are all good with avocado. So is a drizzle of pestozhoug sauce (spicy cilantro sauce), or chimichurri. You can play with these combinations of flavors and make an even more delicious avocado toast.
  • More extras: we need more and more for our avocado toast! So, we can also add some quick-pickled onions or radishes or jalapeños, your favorite hot sauce, or a sprinkle of sliced cherry tomatoes.

Sounds delicious, right? We’re sure your mouth is wet after reading this recipe! Well, what are you waiting for? Thank us later; make and enjoy the best avocado toast for now!

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