What to wear under boys swim trunks to prevent chafing?


Children's skin is more susceptible than adults, especially when it is exposed to the sun, heat. Boys could spend the whole beach day, between the water and the sand. For this reason, they should wear suitable swim trunks to avoid irritation in their most sensitive area.

If the boys do not remove salt and sand after playing in the sand, it will accumulate between their inner parts causing chafing. Parents should focus on the comfort and care of the kids when dressing them in swim trunks.

Now, what should the boys wear under the swim trunks to prevent chafing? Here are some tips.



Find the correct swim trunk size

Boys' swim trunks cannot be too big because it would cause discomfort and inconvenience by making sure it does not fall and show inappropriate parts. 

On the other hand, they cannot be too small either, since it would generate immobility, irritation and even pain. 

The swim trunks must be the right size according to the kid’s body.


kids swim trunks sizes. Anti Chafing tips


Swim trunk material 

Boys only think of having fun and do not pay attention to whether the swim trunks suit them or not. That is why the main thing for them is that the garment must be made of a proper material for summer. 

The fabric must be quick-drying, flexible and breathable. This will prevent the accumulation of moisture and freedom of movement.


anti chafing kids swim trunks


Internal lining of the swim trunk

Boys' swim trunks can be lined internally in two ways: with a mesh lining or one with a compression line. 

The mesh is light, elastic and comfortable, in addition to being more breathable because all the textile is made with holes that allow air to circulate. However, care must be taken with this type of lining, because it is more prone to irritation, since it facilitates the entry of sand and stones in the inner area, causing chafing.

Swim trunks with compression lining is like wearing a boxer under the swim trunk, with proper materials to wet them. This type of swim trunks can adjust to the boy's body providing greater support and in the crotch area. 

They are also quick drying and do not collect moisture. And it has the advantage that by not leaving any open space, it prevents the entry of any particle that causes discomfort in the child.

This is a good protection that boys can wear under swim trunks. 

It is not advisable wearing cotton garments or any other material not suitable for getting wet under swim trunks. Because they are slow drying, they are not breathable. Added to the heat, the sand and the sweat would generate irritation on the boy's skin.


kids swim trunks with mesh liner or compression liner


Use anti-chafing creams

In the intimate area of the child, neutral creams such as Vaseline can be applied to form a protective layer on the skin. This will reduce contact with particles and other surfaces. In this way, it would greatly avoid chafing.

Knowing what to wear under boys' swim trunks is important for their comfort and allows them to enjoy the summer without any inconvenience. Do not forget the sunscreen and hat for your greatest care.

Enjoy the summer and take care you boy at the same time!