Learn why swim trunks with compression liner are the best option for kids

Most children are very restless little people who like to feel totally free when summer arrives. For this reason, parents should choose the most suitable swim trunks with compression liner to protect them from chafing. That way they will be able to enjoy the sun, beach and sand without any inconvenience.

Basically, the most common swim trunks that have been designed for little ones are those with a mesh liner and those with a compression liner. Each swim trunk has his own characteristics; however, one is better than another. 

Next, we will explain their differences and which one is the most convenient for you kid.


What type of swim trunks are best for kids?

Despite swim trunks with mesh liner providing ventilation for the kids, the fact is that wearing them can have more consequences than benefits. The holes that cover the entire lining allow the entry of sand, stones and any other particle that could cause friction and irritation on the kids' skin.



However, that would not be the most serious thing that can happen to your kid with this type of swim trunk. There is something called the “Tourniquet Syndrome”, which is a situation that is generated when a small member of the body is strangled and becomes entangled with a thread or long hair.

In this case, the mesh lining could cause strangulation of the inner parts of the kid's, causing pain, which will end a fun day. 

On the other hand, swim trunks with compression liner keep the inner parts of the kids safe and avoid the sand, stones and irritations. So, it is a good choice for this kind of swim trunks for a long day on the beach. 

At Bermies you will find many models of swim trunks with compression liner for your kid to enjoy the summer. 

What are the benefits of swim trunks with compression liner?

Compression liners are like boxers you wear under swim trunks, but with the right fabric to get them wet. These adhere to the silhouette, covering the entire area it touches. By not leaving any space, it prevents the entry of sand and any other particle that may cause discomfort in the kid. 

The fabric of this coating is polyester, which is considered the leading and most used textile in swim trunks. This is because it fits the kids' body in a soft and comfortable way. It dries quickly and is highly breathable so it will not cause discomfort to the kid. It maintains its shape and additionally has UV protection, suitable for the smallest of the home.

The adaptability of these swim trunks to the kids' parts will allow them to play, jump, run, and do any physical activity they wish, without inconvenience. In addition, it will prevent chafing and offer greater support in the crotch area.

The wrong choice of swim trunks can ruin a beautiful day and end the enjoyment of the little one. So, you have to remember what is the real function of a swim trunk, which is to protect them regardless of the lining they have.


Find out correctly the advantages and disadvantages of each lining and choose the most appropriate for your kid. Nowadays, there are many kinds of swim trunks for different tastes and styles. Do not forget that the main thing is the kid’s comfort. 

Come to Bermies and find the perfect swim trunk for your kid!