Did you know that Bermie’s kids swim trunks have UV protection? Give your loved ones the best protection available.


When you go to the beach, one of the main concerns is to avoid sunburn. Spending many hours in the sun without adequate protection can damage the skin, which is why wearing proper swim trunks can help you to keep your skin protected during the days of intense summer sun.

Kids tend to spend many hours playing and having fun in the sun, so they are more susceptible to sunburn because their skin is thinner and more delicate. Also, extensive sun exposure can cause different degrees of dehydration and this can occur faster in children. 

These are scenarios that must be avoided at all costs, therefore, it is very important to provide your kids a quality swim trunk that can protect them from solar radiation.

What is the FPS? 

Sun protection factor (SPF) measures the effectiveness of sun creams and fabrics for protection against UV rays. Indicates the amount of time that the skin can be exposed to the sun before it begins to suffer and burn. When we talk about swim trunks with high SPF, it means that the fabric allows less sunlight to pass through to the skin, therefore, you can be exposed to the sun without damaging the skin for longer.

UV rays penetrate the different layers of the skin and can cause injuries and burns on it. That is why it is important to consider whether the swim trunk your kids are wearing effectively blocks solar radiation.


Bermies with UV protection  

At Bermies we care about taking care of your skin, for that reason, our swim trunks are made with fabrics with high SPF 50+ UV protection. Our fabrics block 98% of UV rays so you can relax while your kids build sand castles on the beach.

The polyester and lycra fabric with which our swim trunks are made provide the highest protection capacity against solar radiation, extending the time in which your kids can enjoy the sun while their skin remains healthy and safe. Our fabrics are resistant and quick-drying, which also contributes to their protective effect against solar radiation.


Don't forget the sunscreen!

To achieve maximum sun protection, it is advisable to combine methods, therefore, using a good SPF sunscreen with a swim trunk designed against UV protection significantly increases the protection of your skin. It is essential to apply sunscreen to the face and entire body of your little ones before exposing themselves to the sun.

Remember that your little ones will get into the pool or the beach, they will be enjoying many fun games that will make them sweat. All these activities can reduce the duration of the protection, so it is highly recommended to replicate it every 2 to 4 hours to keep an effective UV protection.

Wearing a swim trunk with UV protection allows you to protect the skin of your kids in a simple and almost effortless way. At the same time, it gives you the ease of reapplying sunscreen less often to the area covered by the swim trunk. It cannot be better!

Bermies offers a wide variety of great designs and prints made on the highest quality fabrics, with the highest standards of UV protection. Your loved ones will look amazing, comfortable and safe on the beach.