Bermies is launching the exclusive Golf Polo Shirts with tee holder.


Forget to lose your golf tee and keep your preferred one always close to you

Are you looking for a comfortable shirt that you can wear either to play golf and casual reunions? In that case, stop looking and check out the new Golf polo shirts with tee holder from Bermies. These shirts are perfect for any occasion and you can combine them with a pair of casual pants to create a perfect combination for a meeting with friends. 

If you enjoy golf as an amateur, with one of these polo shirts with tee holder you will look like a pro in the field. Of course, if you are at a professional level, then you already know that comfort and elegance are very important as a hole in one.

This new collection of Golf Polo Shirts with tee holder is here with one thing in mind: give you style and comfort before, during and after a game of golf. Even in a casual celebration with friends. These shirts are also well received, because you can wear them with almost anything.

Next, we will let you know what you can expect from this new collection that Bermies bring for you. 


For golf lovers and those who loves fashion



Golf players already know how important the look is while they are in a game. For that reason, the golf polo shirts with tee holder offer the perfect combination between elegance, style and comfort. These shirts are breathable, which is a necessary thing during long games. 

One feature that is well received is the tee holder, because all the players love to carry the tee with them during the game. Some people say that this is good luck and during a game nobody wants to try that theory and everyone goes with the tee on the shirt. 

However, not only golf players enjoy these shirts. Due to its elegance many people wear them for casual meetings even for a long walk or jogging. You can wear a polo shirt with a pair of shorts and take many looks on you at the beach. During a cocktail party with a pair of long pants one polo shirt fits right on. 

There are many colors available for you, such as: black, blue, beige, green among others. On the other hand, there are also many shirts with stamps. For sure you will find the model you are looking for.


Show you love for the golf and fashion with Golf Polo Shirts with tee holder



At this point you are maybe trying to decide how many shirts you want. If you want to look like a professional in all the games, you must wear these shirts. 

Forget to lose your golf tee and get it always close to your body on the tee holder. Remembering that carried out with the tee is a sign of good luck, so if you lose it, the luck will be gone… This could be just an invented story, but we don’t think you want to verify that it is true or not during a game. 

Once you get the first golf polo shirts with tee holder and notice the comfort and the style that this shirt gives you, the problems of deciding what to wear in a game will be over. 

Picture this, after you win the picture of your clothes will be taken forever. So, show the style and your passion for the sport wearing a golf polo shirt with tee holder from Bermies.