10 differences between polo shirts and golf polo shirts. They look alike but they are not the same.


Polo shirts and golf shirts are very similar to each other, however, they are not the same thing. That is why in Bermies we have for you the list of differences, so when anyone asks you about it you can reply with bases. 

Without any more statement, here we have the 10 differences between polo shirts and golf shirts: 

1. Material of Polo Golf Shirts

This is the biggest difference between these two types of shirts. Golf polo shirts are designed to be soft and breathable. We know that a golf game can be long sometimes. That is why comfort is the first thing that the player wants with this shirt. 

Basically, they are made of cotton which provides the softness necessary for a long game. Polo shirts are made with polyester and cotton that in a long game will turn uncomfortable and will make you sweat. You know that in this game little details count, if you let yourself be affected by an uncomfortable shirt, this will affect your match too.

2. Pockets

When it comes to pockets there are many different opinions. Some people say that polo shirts usually have pockets on the right side, others say that polo shirts have no pockets at all. But when it’s about golf polo shirts, many of them say that the pockets are located on both sides. 

The reason for this, according to the players, is that when you want to carry out something, you can put it in one side that does not affect your swing. There are some divided opinions but it is up to you to choose. 

3. Tee holder 

Golf polo shirts come with a “tee holder” to carry out the tee during the game. Typically, this little holder is located at the end of the buttons of the shirt. 

People say that carrying the tee with you during a game is good luck, so if this helps you to win is well received. A polo shirt does not have this accessory. 


4. The collar

It is common to see polo shirts with a single collar or a “V” collar. But golf polo shirts come with a double seam and can be folded down, also they are typically flat. This provides more style and elegance to the player. 

5. The sleeves 

This is a small difference that many people can’t notice. Nevertheless, you should know that a golf polo shirt has a longer sleeve than a polo shirt. You can find golf polo shirts with long sleeves, which you will not see with polo shirts. 


6. Arm holes or cuffs 

A big difference for those who play golf. A polo shirt has arm holes smaller than a golf polo shirt. This is very important at the time to make the swing, because with bigger cuffs you will be able to move easily. 

7. Formality 

Normally golf polo shirts are more formal than polo shirts. A polo shirt can have many designs as you want, but a polo shirt is a little more serious in appearance. So, in case you want to go to a casual dinner with friends, a golf polo shirt will fit in that situation too. 

8. Resistance

Polo shirts are lighter than golf polo shirts. This is because Golf polo shirts must resist long games with high humidity, the heat, rain and the sweat of the player. You can be sure when you buy a golf polo shirt, you have a durable article.


9. The fit 

When we talk about the fit, we have to say that a polo shirt will be more adjusted to the body than a golf polo shirt. Remember that a golf polo shirt will give free movement to make that “hole in one.” 


10. Buttons

A golf polo shirt usually has buttons, but a polo shirt may not. Those buttons give that touch of elegance to the shirt we have to say it.