Why are compression liner swim trunks the best option to prevent chafing?


Going to the beach and enjoying a relaxing day in the salty waters of the ocean is always the best plan to do during vacations, however, if you don’t have an appropriate swimsuit to wear, you might find yourself with one of the worse things that someone can experiment by being at the beach: chafing in the body. 

Nowadays, there are several types of swim trunks with liner that represent a solution to prevent chaffing in the body, and among them you can find: swim trunks with mesh and netting, and compression liner swim trunks. However, between these two types of swim trunks, only one is the best option to prevent chafing, but… which of the swim trunks could be?

Swim trunks with mesh and netting vs. Compression liner swim trunks 

Let’s begin with swim trunks with mesh and netting which were created focusing on the concept of brief-style underwear, and with the purpose of providing support for men’s most sensitive areas while swimming. Nevertheless, when it comes to these swim trunks, it is easier to say it than to do it. 

Due to the messy mesh and irritating, hole-riddled liner that the swim trunks have, things like uncomfortable bits of sand or pebbles tend to get stuck and tangled inside of the swim trunks, causing chafing to the person who is wearing the swim trunks.

Yes, some people might say that those cases are rare and they don’t happen with frequency, since the small holes in the netting fabric of the swim trunks are designed to prevent chafing and improve the circulation of air inside the swim trunks, in order to allow the area to dry faster. And if people say that, then they don’t know what they are saying! Because, if you’ve worn a pair of these swim trunks before, you know that’s not the case. 

In fact, swim trunks with mesh and netting usually tend to contribute to worse chafing, which makes it ironic for the entire purpose of their creation. 

On the other hand, we have compression liner swim trunks, which are known for being incredibly comfortable, capable of adapting to the shape of the men’s body and highly protective against things like sand and pebbles.

These swim trunks are the favorite ones of many men, since they bring the two most important factors that any swim trunks should wear: style and comfort. 

Compression liner swim trunks will protect your body and fully diminish and prevent chafing in your body.

That being said, it’s important to have in mind that compression liner swim trunks also come with a con: they trap air in an easier manner than other  swim trunks, which makes it more complicated to have a proper drying when going out of the water. This gives a small possibility for chafing to occur, but it does not happen with a lot of frequency. 


Compression liner swim trunks are the best to prevent chafing



In general, it is recommended to wear swim trunks with liners, as long as you fight for the right and ideal liner for you. It is easy to notice that mesh and net liners don’t have many benefits in comparison with compression liner swim trunks, and the major benefit is that they can easily prevent chafing. 


Now you know that compression liner swim trunks are the best option to prevent chafing in your body. 


It is up to you to buy the ideal compression liner swim trunks next time you go to do your pre-summer shoppings. You will pay for the swim trunks, but the protection and prevention against chafing will come for free!


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