Lined vs. Unlined Swim Trunks Finding the Perfect Fit

Are you thinking of buying a new swim trunk for this summer? But you still can’t decide between lined or unlined swim trunks. Don’t worry we are going to show you the advantages and disadvantages between lined and unlined swim trunks

Stay with us and let’s explore together the characteristics of lined vs unlined swim trunks to assist you in finding the perfect fit.


Features of Lined Swim Trunks

Lined swim trunks are built with an internal fabric lining that provides additional support and coverage to the inner area. This lining is typically made of a lightweight and breathable material, such as polyester or nylon designed to wick away moisture and dry quickly. 

Many people prefer this type of swim trunk due the extra support that provides the internal lining. That is why lined swim trunks are the most wanted for swimming activities, water sports or for playing beach volleyball. 

Also, comfort is an essential key that lined swim trunks can offer. This is because the lining acts as a barrier between your skin and the swim trunk’s fabric. Which prevents chafing and irritation. 

Another important feature that lined swim trunks have is the possibility of wearing them without underwear. Because the lining will cover and protect your private parts. However, this will depend on your preference. 


Features of Unlined Swim Trunks

On the other hand, we have unlined swim trunks. These swim trunks have not an internal lining, instead they are typically made of a single layer of lightweight fabric, such as polyester or nylon. With a mesh inside of them. 

One of the reasons for why people prefer unlined swim trunks is due their more relaxed fit and greater freedom of movement compared with their lined counterparts. The absence of a lining allows for increased flexibility, making them a popular choice for activities that require agility, such as diving or surfing.

Unlined swim trunks dry faster than lined ones since there is no extra layer of fabric to absorb and retain moisture. This quality can be particularly advantageous if you plan to transition from swimming to other activities or if you prefer a lightweight and airy feel.

One of the advantages of these swim trunks is the versatility. Unlined swim trunks can be casual shorts as well, which is a great advantage for a quick change of environment. 

The choosing is up to you

At the end you have the final decision on what to wear. Choosing between lined and unlined swim trunks depends on your preferences, style and your activities. 

If you're planning to engage in rigorous water sports or active beach games, lined swim trunks may offer better support and comfort. However, if you prefer a more relaxed beach experience or plan on pursuing activities that require freedom of movement, unlined swim trunks may be what you are looking for.

Whether your preferences are between lined or unlined swim trunks at Bermies you will be able to find the style that you are looking for. 


Always remember one thing when you’re buying a swim trunk. It doesn’t matter the type of swim trunk that you wear, you must feel comfortable and confident to make a splash!