Do you prefer swim trunks with mesh liner or compression liner? Learn about the differences between both swim trunks


There is a debate on what swim trunks are better to wear, for one side we have swim trunks with mesh liner and on the other side with compression liner. Both options are designed to provide comfort and help you enjoy summer days.



These swim trunks are made with the intention of avoiding wearing boxers underneath them. This is because they have an internal lining that fulfills the function of replacing underwear. However, each one has its own characteristics and there is when you decide which one is better for you.

Next, we will mention some differences between swim trunks with mesh liner and swim trunks with compression liner. Hopefully this can help you at the time of your choice.



Differences between swim trunks with mesh liner and swim trunks with compression lined swimwear

Swim trunks with mesh liner are created to cover only the crotch area, but it cannot prevent chafing between the legs. On the other hand, swim trunks with compression liner, in design, are the most similar to boxers. This feature can prevent contact between both extremities, so they will not cause any type of chafing.

The fabric of the mesh linings has small holes that are made of polyester and nylon. These holes allow greater air circulation in the groin area, causing a faster drying. However, men swim trunks with compression liner are made only from polyester, and even though the fabric wicks away moisture, it takes a little longer to dry.

Swim trunks with mesh sometimes tend to get messy, tangled and allow sand and small stones to enter through their holes. Which generates discomfort in the person who is wearing this type of garment. While the swim trunks with compression liners, adapt to the body's shape and prevent the entry of any debris.

Wearing swim trunks with mesh liner can cause severe strangulation problems in your genitalia. Being the children more likely to happen to them, since their intimate parts are smaller. This inconvenience does not occur with swim trunks with compression liner, since it is designed to completely cover that area.


Choose the swim trunks that most comfortable for you 

Compression liner swim trunks are good for our health care. This is because they hug our extremities without restricting movement. In addition, it generates a slight pressure that helps reduce the tension produced when performing any physical activity. 

On the other hand, mesh liner only gives you movement coverage, but offers no protection and does not prevent irritation.

Both kinds of swim trunks give you freedom of movement so you can perform any kind of exercise. You can jump, run on the beach, play with the ball and whatever you want. However, mesh lining could cause discomfort and rashes due to not covering properly, as well as offering little support and support for your private parts.


While swim trunks with compression liner will give you security to carry out the activity you want, with good support and eliminating contact between the legs.

At the end of the day, the selection of the type of swim trunks will depend on the preference of each person, their style, comfort and use. The important thing is that regardless of the selection you feel relaxed and enjoy the beach or pool, whether you do it alone or accompanied.

There is a wide variety of swim trunks with mesh liner or compression liner. These have different patterns so you can choose the one which goes with your style.