Color changing: Is it true that the colors we wear describe our moods & feelings?


It is well known that colors can express your emotions and describe to everyone the way you feel without saying a word. Following that idea, you can’t miss the chance to show your personality and express your feelings this summer wearing the new trending fashion color changing shorts. These shorts can change the color according to the water interaction, which means, when they are dry you can see a color and when the shorts are wet you will notice the new color immediately. 

Currently at Bermies, you will find 3 different models of color changing shorts which are: yellow to orange, purple to blue and green to blue. Each color has a different meaning and when you combine in one piece it can allow you to express the mood change as you desire. Combine these colors in summer and have fun at the same time. 

Yellow Swim Trunks


This color you will see when the short is dry. Yellow is a color that expresses joy, brightness, warmth, positivism and it goes very well with a tanned skin, so, while you are outside the beach or swimming pool taking a tan, this color will express exactly the feeling you have at that moment. You can enjoy the sun and have an energetic and fun talk with your friends wearing your special and unique color changing shorts. Please remember to protect your skin from sun rays when you are outside the water.

Orange Swim Trunks


After you decide to get into the water, you will note the color change from yellow to orange as soon as the water touches the short. This color is associated with youth, energy, joy, fun and that is precisely what you want to show during the summer while you are with your friends or family taking a beach day. There is no better way to show everybody the energetic and funny side you have than wearing these color changing shorts

Purple Swim Trunks


Purple color is associated with royalty, luxury, mystery and wisdom, so you can express all that and more of your personality wearing this short. This color will be shown when the short is dry, which means that you can express this side of you outside the water. You can look amazing walking on the shore or in the swimming pool lobby, maybe drinking a cocktail while you enjoy the best part of a relaxing summer. 

Green Swim Trunks


This color has always been used to express the connection with the environment, as well as freedom, hope, serenity and the positive side of things, having said that, if you are a person who likes to connect with nature this short is definitely for you. That way when you use these shorts everyone will know that you are a free spirit and that you are a positive person. This color is just able when the short is dry, so you can express this side or your personality and express how you can go on and overcome all circumstances. 

Blue Swim Trunks


This color will appear when things go cold and wet, which means that you will see it when you get into the water. This color express serenity, loyalty, friendship, and most important this color is used to make us feel more comfortable, and that is the main idea you want to express when you are in the water enjoying a relaxing time, this color is the most used in the world for clothes and that is why it has to be included in a season as important as summer. 

These color changing shorts are the perfect item to wear this summer to show the change of feelings as the same of your shorts.