About color changing swim trunks


Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation where you have two choices and you don’t know which one is the correct one… and yes, we’re talking about the color of the swim trunks we want to buy. Maybe you’re a fan of the blue color, but you prefer something more exotic; or you love how the red color fits you, but you want something more tropical. In a few words, you can’t pick between two swim trunks. 

We know that these cases can happen, and with more frequency than what you know; but, there’s always a solution! And when it comes to swim trunks, we can give you the precise solution that you want. You don’t believe us? Well, we bet that we can change your mind, as well as your swim trunks will change their colors.

With the new color changing swim trunks, you will certainly have a colorful summer! And yes, they literally change the color! But before wearing them, you might want to know how they work, right? Well, let’s see it!


Color changing swim trunks are made with fabrics that are treated with heat reactive microcapsules, which provoke a reaction that makes them change their colors when they are exposed to cold water! However, this doesn’t mean that they change their colors due to the water, but because of the temperature. 



These garments represent a revolution in the industry of swim clothes, because they change our outfits a bit.


It sounds fun to wear a garment that can give you the opportunity of just changing your look, but what are the combinations of colors that you can find for those original swim clothes? Let’s take a look!


Switch Green to Pineapple!


With these green swim trunks you’ll look handsome and with a lot of style! Two main factors that we know that you want when wearing your swim trunks. But that’s not just all! When you go to the beach and decide to go swimming with these green swim trunks, you’ll notice that they will turn yellowish, into a pineapple color; a more tropical and refreshing look from a delicious juicy fruit that can’t be missed in those days at the beach.


So, enjoy how your style changes from an attractive green to an exotic pineapple color!


Switch Blue to Waves!


Blue is one of the main colors that we wear when we talk about swim trunks. Since, what is it better for representing the beach than the blue color? Well, we can answer that with a more accurate representation: waves. Because at the moment of being in contact with the water of the beach, you’ll see that your swim trunks will acquire some of the waves of the beach, trapping them in the design of the swim trunks. 

These swim trunks are perfect for combining your swim trunks with the waves that take you around the beach! And, if you like surfing, these swim trunks will fit you in an outstanding way!


Switch Red to Flamingo!


We know that red swim trunks give a passionate and attractive essence, and it will turn you into the focus of attention at the beach for a while. However, with these red swim trunks we take that concept to a next level, since they can change their color to a flamingo one, boosting the attractiveness and passion of your style, adding a tropical touch.


So, you can enjoy being the focus of attention on the beach while enjoying the style and comfort that the red-flamingo swim trunks give you.



Color changing swim trunks are a step forward to the new styles and trends of swim clothes; so, be ready to not miss this train and change the color of your swim trunks without changing your swim trunks!