Bermies Underwear. Learn more about the best comfortable boxer brief for men


Most people only talk about women's underwear and its erotic side.  However, what about the masculine gender? They must also take care and protect their most intimate part.

The most important thing when selecting men's underwear is his physical well-being and if aesthetics is added to that, it would be much better. That is why Bermies brings you the best option in intimate apparel, such as boxer briefs. Here you can combine comfort and style in a single garment.

Now, we will explain the benefits of using boxer briefs for men:


Funny and colorful printed boxer briefs


Fit Type

Its adjustment ranges from the waist to the thighs, adapting to the shape of the silhouette it covers. Bermies´ underwear provides definition and improves the position of the entire crotch, enhancing it without tightening it or reducing its mobility.

Normally these garments only have elastic at the waist to keep it attached to the body and the rest adjusts to the silhouette of the legs depending on the flexibility of the material with which they are made.


Boxer Briefs. Supportive contoured pouch. Flex durable waistband. 6 inches inseam boxer brief

Crotch protection

Boxer briefs are the most used by men who exercise frequently, in activities such as walking, running, going to the gym and any other physical activity they do. This is because they support and hold the genitals, preventing an accident from occurring in that area.

These boxers cover the crotch area without generating compression discomfort, fitting into the space adapted for the member. 

In addition, they also allow ventilation of the area, reducing the formation of heat, humidity and infection.

Fabrication material

Boxer briefs are available in natural fabrics like cotton and silk and in synthetic fabrics like polyester, elastane and microfiber. However, the most used are cotton and microfiber.


<img src="" alt="Bermies boxer briefs are made of Ultra Soft Modal Fabric made from beech trees." />


Cotton is a natural fiber that provides softness and lightness to the garment, it is hypoallergenic, resistant and fresh. While microfiber is more breathable, durable, and stretchy, they are easy to wash and dry quickly.

However, if you are eco-friendly, the most suitable textile is organic cotton, since you would combine the comfort of this natural fiber with respect for the environment. This type of fabric is recommended for men with sensitive skin, avoiding inflammatory diseases and irritations.




Other factors that bring boxer briefs

Boxer briefs adapt to all body types and greatly benefit men who are of a thick build since they flatten the abdomen, pick up the rolls and prevent friction between the legs.

These underwear are recommended to use during the day in order to exercise or go to the gym. You can also use it with any type of pants without the fear that it will mark you.

The only negative quality that this type of underwear could provide is that they tend to increase the temperature of the crotch area. For this reason, it is advisable to use fresh, light and soft fabrics for its manufacture.

Now that we have given you information about boxer briefs, the choice is up to you. Ideally, you should prioritize the comfort and health of your crotch over anything else, regardless of the type of underwear you prefer. 

Consider the fabric, quality, fit, breathability, adaptation and the fact that you can move freely and calmly.

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