Are boardshorts and swim trunks the same?


When summer arrives, there is no better place to be than on the beach. Many people have their swim trunks for this occasion, but others can’t decide what to wear. Many of them prefer boardshorts but they are not sure if these shorts are the same as a swim trunk. 

To make the story short, we have to start by saying that boardshorts and swim trunks are not the same thing. However, both of them can be worn to get into the water. 

Swim trunks are made to be adjusted to the body. Boardshorts on the other hand have an 8” inseam, which make them larger; typically, these shorts cover up to the knees. 

For those that don’t want to show too much, these shorts are ideals for it. When the first models of Boardshorts were made, the target was the surfers. Because they often need to protect their legs when they are sitting on the table waiting for the proper wave.

Many activities can be done with these shorts, such as jogging, beach sports and more. In fact, you will find many uses for boardshorts that having just one is not enough. 

Beautiful, fancy and comfortable models


Bermies bring for you, the newest boardshorts collection, which is the new balance between fashion, quality and comfort. All the models have something in common, they are perfect for you! 

Our boardshorts are made with 80% recycled polyester, 4% of cotton and 8% spandex with ends in a durable product. With a back pocket with zipper you can carry out your wallet or phone safety wherever you go. 

Our shorts satisfy the highest conditions, you can surf, swim, play beach volley, jogging and these shorts will meet every request. With an 8” inseam you will be able to move your legs as you want without any discomfort. 

With the new Bermies’ boardshorts collection you can take the adventure to the next level. Also, you are making your part with the planet because all of our products are made with recycled plastic.

Boardshort vs swim trunks


At this point probably, you are wondering what is the best option for going to the beach. It will depend on how much you want to show and how comfortable you want to be.

If you want to go to run, swimming just for fun a boardshort can be good enough for all the activities. If you want to show more of your legs and you are swimming as professional training a swim trunk will be the best option in this case. 

Many people wear swim trunks beneath the boardshorts and that is another way to combine the dressing when you are not sure what to use. 

So, swim trunks and boardshorts are perfect for a day at the beach, the decision of what to wear depends on you. You can even combine them and still enjoy your day with comfort and fashion, you those things when you get products from Bermies collection.

When you want to show your legs and more of your body, swim trunks are preferred.

On the other hand, if you want to use something durable, fresh to enjoy a day at the beach or for doing exercise, then boardshorts are the best option for you! 

At Bermies we have whatever you want to look amazing and feel comfortable on the beach.