How to tie swim trunks?

When summer arrives, our priority is to enjoy it to the fullest and for that we must put comfort before anything else. And if you are going to spend this season at the beach, pool or river, you have to choose the right swim trunks to meet your needs.

There is a wide variety of swim trunks, which are not only differentiated by their colors, patterns and sizes. They are also characterized by the type of fit to the body. Normally, the decision to buy a swimsuit will largely depend on how comfortable you feel in it and how it fits the body.

Now, we will mention the different ways in which a swimsuit can be adjusted to the body.


1. Button Fit Swim trunks

These have one or two buttons inserted into the waistband of the swim trunk. This design is the most practical due to its simple fastening.  However, they can also be easily undone and provoke that the garment falls.

Button swim trunks have a limited fit and not everyone can wear them.  Additionally, they tend to cause discomfort when you bend over or make a sudden movement. Also, the button can come off if you do not use it carefully.

The use of buttons in swim trunks gives that classic or retro touch with something modern. It is a style that is used less and less due to the lack of security that it generates in its adjustment.

2. Button and zipper adjustment swim trunks

Its characteristics are similar to the previous type of adjustment, but it includes a zipper for greater adjustment, protection and that prevents the entry of air. This is because it eliminates the open spaces that would be left if it was only button adjusted. 

However, they can cause problems if not fastened carefully; the zipper could get caught and mistreat the skin of the crotch.

3. Swim trunks with drawstring adjustment

This type of swimsuit has a drawstring inserted around the waist that you can tie according to the fit you want. With this swim trunk design, the problem of surreptitiously unbuttoning the button if you feel uncomfortable is over. Also, the drawstring will allow you to adjust it to the best size that fits you well.

They are easy to fasten, but must be tied properly. It is necessary to make a good knot since it could be easily untied, causing an accident by showing improper parts.




4. Swim trunks with elastic and drawstring fit

This type of design is the most recommended, since you will feel confident in your movements and you will be able to carry out any activity you want with the certainty that you will not have any problems. 

This is because it has a double tie at the waist, the elastic that adapts to your silhouette and also because of the drawstring that allows you to adjust it to your size.

With the swim trunk model with elastic and drawstring, you can combine comfort, safety and style at the same time. It is the ideal alternative to spend incredible holidays with family or friends. Additionally, they have a wide variety of colors, patterns and sizes so you can choose the one you like the most.

However, in the end, the decision to buy a swim trunk will depend on the style and taste of each person. And the ideal would be to try the different models to find the one that best suits our body and needs. 

The most important thing is that you can enjoy the summer relaxed and comfortable, whether on the beach, pool or river.