Do you know why casual shirts are the perfect beach-to-bar fashion item for summer?

After a long day at the beach enjoying the sea, sand and Sun, we know that you want to spend a relaxed or maybe exciting night at the bar, in order to have some drinks, dance some songs or meet someone special… anything can happen. However, before going to the bar, you might ask yourself an important and indispensable question: what should you wear? 

Yes, it is a social event at the bar and you must dress properly, with a dressy style; but you need to consider that you’re still at the beach enjoying your vacations, so, the outfit you should wear needs to be in the middle, something that says: “you’re ready for party and you’re ready for the beach”. And nothing says this better than casual or Hawaiian shirts. However, why are casual shirts the perfect beach-to-bar item for summer? Well, there are many aspects that make them the perfect beach-to-bar outfit. 

One of the aspects is the design; since they look dressy, they will guarantee that you arrive at the bar with a stylish, confident and natural appearance. 

Their versatility is a great advantage, as well, since you can rock them either with shorts, swim trunks or even jeans, depending on the occasion, of course. 

Another important aspect in the shirts that you wear is the comfort that they give you. And with our shirts made out from a hybrid blend of rayon and stretch, you’ll be sure that you will have that comfort, since this unique combination makes our shirts insanely soft, breathable, but most importantly, extremely comfortable. With our shirts you will feel that you are wearing a piece of cloud, and once you get your hands on one of these, we promise you won’t want to take them off.


Last but not least, the popularity that casual shirts have is still in the present, since it has become part of the trending outfits between many young men. 

Due to these facts, many people still consider these shirts as the perfect beach-to-bar fashion item for summer.


But, which casual shirts are the best ones for you to wear?


Vacations Shirts


Between the vacation shirts that we have, you can find some stylish and fashionable shirts that might fit you very well.


The Miami Blue Shirt with flamingos print is an ideal option for you to ensure a great look at the beach.


If you prefer something greener, you can opt for the Avocado Green style, demonstrating that you’re confident and easy-going with a tropical style.   

Another alternative for you is the Leopard Print shirts: either the Leopard style or the Pink Leopard one. This look will ensure that you turn into the focus of attention at the beach, showing that you’re elegant and attractive.



Beach to Bar Shirts


Now, if you want that perfect beach-to-bar look, you can choose between some of the options that we have available for you.


The Black Flamingo style will make you look elegant and will put you in the thin line between serious and easy-going; this will ensure a mysterious factor in your look when you’re at the bar enjoying your drinks.


Another option is the Tribal shirt, which provides you a light blue tone, and a style of someone quiet and silent that can change to the soul of the party after some good drinks.


The Black Palm tree style is also an alternative to wear, since it will turn you into a charismatic guy at the party, and one of the most wanted at the dance floor, of course. You can also wear this shirt for going to the beach.


In general, casual shirts are the best option for you to wear as a beach-to-bar outfit, because with it, you’ll look for both the beach and the bar, and in these vacations… we know that you’ll constantly need that outfit.