What Is Bermies?

Bermies is a lifestyle brand which combines style and adventure with a concern for the well-being of our oceans. Bermies are made from the highest-quality recycled materials in swimwear and celebrate your confidence, in style and comfort. These swim trunks are not only bold and stylish but they will make you look and feel like you’re in paradise. Our trunks are stretchy, breathable, fast-drying but most importantly extremely comfortable.

Simply put, if you enjoy the beach, an afternoon of boating, or hanging out in your apartment complex’s pool with a good book, any pair of Bermies are guaranteed to be your new favorite pair of swimming trunks. Don’t believe us? That’s probably because you haven’t worn a pair of Bermies yet, so pick some up today and make sure to wait at least thirty minutes after eating to test them out. 

At Bermies We Try To Be Different!

The illustrious and carefree Bermuda lifestyle is captured perfectly in every pair of Bermies, which typically feature a colorful summer design in a top of the line polyester and lycra material. What makes these trunks even better, are the comfy four way stretch mesh liner and fast drying technology that will make you re-think any hesitation you might have had about taking quick dip in the water. Tired of the unimaginative, we also created a wide variety of patterns to suit our customers every need. Our suits have sharks, turtles, scooters, sailboats, retro triangles and are guaranteed to make you re-think any previous hesitations or inconveniences you had with other pairs swimming trunks. 

The Lifestyle!

Bermies targets individuals who share a love for the water and the outdoors. Our swim trunks are flexible, breathable, quick-drying and most importantly extremely fashionable! Perfect for every occasion, you can wear Bermies at the beach, skiing at the lake, surfing in Bali or scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. We build our Bermies community through our Instagram account (@bermies) where users share their pictures from their adventures around the world. So get out there, soak up the sun and experience swim trunks like you never have before.

The Story

Bermies pays tribute to the paradise island of Bermuda. Its vibrant colors, crystal clear turquoise waters and pink sand beaches inspired us to create this amazing line of men’s swimwear. More importantly the island is responsible for making shorts popular around the world! Today, in many parts of the world, shorts and even swim trunks are referred to as Bermuda’s. So what better than to reinvent the Bermuda Short and make some sweet swim trunks in their inspiration?